Special Award for the youngest hackers @ Google I/O 2015


Team Alpha Pack received a special award for being the youngest team at Google I/O. The team is comprised of students of Ananda College ICT Society. They won a cash prize of Rs. 25,000/-. ABOUT THE PROJECT Ever had the moment where you lose track of your personal belongings? Well that’s the problem identified by team Alpha Pack. Their app titled “Where ‘Re You” can track your personal belongings using RFID sensors. For example, If a person leaves a belonging at another persons house, using this app, they can track the location of the item and then go find it. The system involves a sensor unit which is installed into a house or residency. This sensor is used to keep track of items, similar to how a signal tower works. As it’s an IoT based project, the project has an open community that can keep track of items scanned. Also, as its IOT, any 3rd party RFID tag is compatible with the sensor. To add an item to track, simply paste the RFID sticker on to the item you want. From there it’s just a matter of either scanning the QR code, tapping the code via NFC or scanning via RFID. In terms of UI, they are also following the Material Design guidelines but never fear, the app is compatible with Android 2.3 upwards. As of now, they are done with the server implementation and hardware implementation has also been carried out. The sensors too have been programmed. Going into slightly techincal details, the Server has been programmed using NodeJS and the mobile app is coded using a mixture of Cordova with Angular JS. This essentially makes it compatible with any platform.